Spin Rod Locker


DISCOUNTED PRE SALE ONLY. We are pre selling the first 100 units at a discount. All pre sale units will ship September 17th. All available units will likely sell out before the ship date. 


Locker Features:

  • Holds 2 rods
  • Keyed locking door
  • Keyed locking mounts
  • Padded reel case
  • Two rod sleeves included for safe and neat storage

Mount Kit Features:

  • Carriage bolts included for mounting directly to tracked or slotted roof racks
  • Two U brackets included for mounting two cross bars
  • Each mount includes a keyed lock plate that covers bolt heads to protect against theft
  • Slide your mounts up and down the tracks to match any crossbar or rack width

Compact Size:

Unlike other rod locker’s that would have you driving around with an 11ft metal rod on your truck, we designed ours to fit stream lined to the size of your vehicle. Our 72 inch design will fit your fly rod when it is broken down in one section. Simply leave your rod rigged, disconnect one section of your pole, then slip our included rod sleeve over to securely and neatly store your rigged pole. The rod sleeve will keep your fly and line locked in place during travel. Unlock your case and have a rigged pole in your hand in about 15 seconds.


The Spin Rod Locker will mount exactly the same way as the Fly Rod locker. See these Fly Rod locker videos to see how you will mount your Spin Rod Locker(Spin Rod Locker mount videos coming soon)

How to Store Your Rods

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 11 × 8 in

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