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Product Questions:

Q: What is the Rain Basin?

A: The Rain Basin is a portable water storage system that can be mounted to your car, truck , van or RV. The tank can be mounted and locked to your vehicle using our MF Mount Kits. Our Rain Flare portable pressure washer combined with the Rain Basin allows you to have pressurized water on the go.

Q: Does the tank pressurize?

A: No. Our tanks use our 400 PSI Rain Flare Sprayer to create water pressure. Some comparisons to consider with an air pressure tank:

  • Most air pressure tanks have a water stream of 30 – 60 PSI. Our Sprayer is 400 PSI.
  • Air pressure tanks lose water pressure as you empty the tank. You may start at 60 PSI but will end at 10 or less. Our sprayer will empty the tank with a consistent water pressure throughout.
  • When designing a pressurized tank, you need to make the tank rounded. Since ours are not, we can design a lower profile shape, a rain collection indentation, and baffles to stop water slosh when off roading.

Q: What is the Rain Basin Washdown?

A: The Rain Basin Washdown is a portable water storage unit that is great for users that want to store their water tank in the trunk of their vehicle or in the bed of their truck. This tank does not mount but instead uses rubber cleats on the bottom of the tank to stay in place during travel. This tank includes the Rain Flare sprayer kit which can be removed to reveal a large capacity sink and drain plug.

Q: How does the tank mount to my vehicle?

A: Our tanks mount to vehicles using our custom Midnight Forest Mount System. The mounts work by having a casted metal plate that is bolted to the tank. The user bolts the mount body to their roof rack, bed, side panels, or tailgate. The user is then able to slide the two mount pieces together creating a secure connection. The user then uses the included cylinder locks to lock the the tank to their vehicle.

See all of our How-To install videos HERE

Q: How quickly does the Rain Flare Sprayer run out of battery?

A: The Rain Flare Portable pressure washer has a continuous spray time of 30 minutes. This means you will actually run out of water in the 8 gal tank before having to charge the battery. In fact, you could empty the 8 gal tank almost 3 times before having to charge the battery.

Also note:

  • The Rain Flare kit comes with a garden hose nozzle as well. This nozzle can be used to operate the tank as gravity feed only. This comes in handy for gentle jobs like rinsing children or filling dog bowls.
  • Car chargers are available on the site for recharging your sprayer on the go.

Q: Can I buy the 8 gallon Rain Basin as a tank only?

A: No. The 8 gallon tank is too long and heavy to store unmounted. The 8 gallon is sold as a Tank & Mount Kit, or a Complete Kit – Tank, Mount, and Rain Flare.

Note: The 8 Gallon Washdown tank is a great option if you want an 8 gallon tank that does not mount.

Operational Questions:

How does the air valve work?

A: The air valve is located in the large top cap of your tank. When traveling, keep the rubber stopper cap inserted -completely closing the valve. When operating the tank, remove the stopper cap so the valve can breath. Water will not spill out of the cap even when the stopper is removed.

Q: How do I install my Rain Basin?

A: Learn all the ways to install you tank in our How-To videos HERE

Q: How do I stop my shut off valve from leaking?

A: You likely do not have it screwed on all the way. You can use a wrench or towel for grip assistants to tighten it further. If water appears to be dripping from the lever, tighten the lever screw.

Q: My lock is jammed. How do I fix it?

A: Your lock can jam in two ways:

Debris: Clear debris from the lock mechanism by blowing compressed air into it, rinsing it with water, or shooting WD40 into the hole. Once the debris is cleared, your lock will function like normal.

Frozen: If water has gotten into your lock and frozen you likely will not even be able to insert the key. Use hot water, a lighter, or a heat gun to heat the lock. Once it is thawed, the lock will function like normal.

Q: How do I setup my tank for rain collection?

A: Place your tank flat on the ground with the indented side facing up. Remove the rain collection cap. Be sure the tank is perfectly flat – use rocks or sand under the tank to level the corners.

Water is not coming out of my Rain Flare Sprayer.

  • Be sure you mounted your tank in a position so that the spout is at the bottom of the tank, where water, not air, will be drawn out.
  • Make sure the air valve in your top cap is open. Open the valve by removing the rubber stopper cap.
  • Your gun may not be priming. Hold the gun lower than the level of your tank, or unplug it and let water run out of the hose before reattaching it. Once the gun is primed it will operate like normal.

My mounts will not slide all the way together.

If you are installing a tank that requires two mounts, the mounts need to be positioned in a perfectly straight line. If the mounts are off axis, the plates will not be able to slide all the way together. One easy way to fix this is to loosen the mount so it is finger tight. Then slide the tank all the way into the mount. Hold the mount in that position then gentle remove the tank. Tighten down the mount in its new position.