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New Fly Rod Locker

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What is the Midnight Forest?

Sweeping Public Land Protection

With congress trying to do everything to stop him, President Theodore Roosevelt designated 16 million acres of National Forest Preserve all in one night.

MF Fly Rod Locker

Our Vehicle Mounted Fly Rod holder has a compact design made to fit your vehicle. Other Rod Holder brands would have you driving around with an 11ft metal rod on your roof. At Midnight Forest, we wanted a Fly Rod locker that was functional, but also looked great on your vehicle.

Rain Basin Water Tanks

With a size for every adventure, our Rain Basin overland water tank line has your water supply covered while out in the field. Rain catching, quick dismount portable, LDPE safe for drinking water -this is just a few of the creative features our tank has to offer.

Mid Night Range Fire Pit

Coming Soon

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