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Vehicle mounted portable water tank for your overland vehicle, camper, or side by side. 4 gallons of pressurized water for camp showers and cleaning dishes.

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Rain Basin Features:

  • 4 Gallon capacity
  • LDPE material – safe for drinking water
  • Large top cap for easy water and ice fill
  • Top cap equipped with a oneway valve to allow water to flow through spout
  • Indented face and port for rain collection
  • Double mount compatible for an extra secure system
  • Shut off valve spout for easy water access and accessory connection

Slot Mount Features:

  • Sliding lock panel allows for instant dismount and remount.
  • Keyed cylinder lock for quick and easy anti theft security
  • Aircraft grade aluminum material – no rust
  • Comes with two 1 inch carriage bolts for easy mounting to roof racks, bedrails, and bed racks
  • Mount system also comes with 2 bed rail washers that allow you to mount directly to a Toyota Bedrail

Rain Flare Kit Features:

  • 400PSI portable pressure washer
  • 7 pattern nozzle: Shower, Jet, High Jet, Soaker, Fan, Cone, and Center Shower,
  • Two 12ft quick connect hoses – Tank to pump, pump to nozzle.
  • Rechargeable battery and charger
  • 30 minute constant spray battery life – empty your 4 gallon tank 6 times without recharging.

Mount Kit

Rain Flare

The Rain Flare is specially designed to have a high pressure stream -400 PSI- with a low GPM(Gallons per minute). This allows a user to conserve their limited water supply while still being able to tackle tough jobs, like removing thick and hardened mud from your vehicle.

The Rain Flare kit comes with your sprayer, battery, 6 pattern spray nozzle, wall charger, and 16ft hose. Click the nozzle to choose from soft shower settings for rinsing off at camp, and laser focused jet streams to clean gear. Spray for 30 minutes on one battery charge -enough spray time to empty the 2 gal tank 9 times. Your kit also comes with a quick connect garden nozzle. This allows you to operate your tank just by gravity feed. This no-battery-required option comes in handy for gentle jobs like filling a dog bowl or washing a child.

Mount Kit

The 4 gal Slot Mount requires only one mount. This makes it very easy to mount it to just about anything. Mount to: roof racks, bed racks and Toyota bedrails. The kit comes with a keyed lock to secure your tank in place. To dismount the tank, twist the lock and slide of the lock panel, pull the tank away from the mount for instant release.

Tank Features

The 4 Gallon Rain Basin is our midsize Overland water system. This tank size is a great mix of high capacity and portability. Like the 2 gallon tank, this tank can be mounted flat, vertically or horizantally, and can easily fit in most locations.

The Rain Basin can be used for rain collection. Simply remove the rain collection cap and set the tank on a flat surface. Then cozy up in your tent and let your tank refill overnight.


4 Gal Install

How It Works

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 10.6 × 4.3 in

1 review for 4 Gal Slot Mount – Rain Flare

  1. Ryan

    The fit was perfect and no wobble. I wanted this model as it only has one lock and mounts and unmounts easier/faster. would highly recommend. as always with Midnight Forest top notch quality!

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