Rain Basin 2 Gal & Mount


Rain Basin®  2 Gallon Kit with Mount– Portable water Storage Tank for your Off-Road vehicle, RV, or truck.

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Tank Features:

  • 2 Gallon capacity
  • LDPE material – safe for drinking water
  • Large top cap for easy water and ice fill
  • Top cap equipped with a oneway valve to allow water to flow through spout
  • Indented face and port for rain collection
  • Shut off valve spout for easy water access and accessory connection

Mount Features:

  • The mount can be bolted down laying flat, or on its side to allow you to mount your tank flat or vertical
  • Keyed cylinder lock for quick and easy anti theft security
  • Aircraft grade aluminum material – no rust
  • Comes with 1.5 and two 1 inch carriage bolts for easy mounting to roof racks, cross bars, and bed racks
  • Mount system also comes with 2 bed rail washers that allow you to mount directly to a Toyota Bedrail(Only the 2 gal can fit in the Tacoma bedrail, all tanks fit in the Tundra)

Product Description

The 2 Gallon Rain Basin is a great sized water tank for users looking to maximize the portability of their system. This tank size is great for mounting in easy to grab locations, like a Jeep tailgate, truck bed, or bed rack.

The Rain Basin can be used for rain collection. Simply remove the rain collection cap and set the tank on a flat surface. Then cozy up in your tent and let your tank refill overnight.

And the simplest but most useful feature – the built in water spout. Each Rain Basin comes with a shut off valve water spout at the base of the tank. Instead of having to dismount your tank every time you need to access your water supply, leave your tank mounted and simply open the valve. This makes washing your hands or filling a water bottle quick and easy.

***Each Mount Kit comes with 3 keys. Put one on your key chain, one in your glove box, and leave one at home. ALL LOCKS ARE UNIQUE – WE DO NOT HAVE SPARE KEYS FOR YOUR LOCK***


Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 19.1 × 10.6 × 3.9 in

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